Diving Fun for Everyone

Diving Fun for Everyone

Diving Fun for Everyone

Diving Fun for Everyone

  • Air & Gear Packages

    Quality tank-fills, always full tanks and our rental scuba dive gear is in great shape, well maintained and honestly priced.
  • Improve Your Diving

    Add dive skills and dive knowledge to your entry level certification increases your confidence and adds to the fun. There are different 'follow-up' courses to choose from.
  • Guided Dives and Trips

    Make the most of your diving experience in Bonaire and imagine what worry-free diving looks like. Book a Guided dive now.
  • Learn to dive

    Learn how to dive together and become a certified PADI Open Water Diver in the perfect environment. Book your PADI Open Water Diver now.
  • Try Diving

    Ready for a new adventure? Try diving and add a PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience to your Bonaire holiday. Book your PADI discover Scuba Diving now.
  • Buy Dive Gear

    We carry premium quality dive gear in our dive shop and we offer you the possibility to try the gear before you buy the gear. Try that online!
  • (Learn) Snorkeling

    Bonaire has the most beautiful snorkeling spots. Ready to see the magical underwater world while snorkeling? You can join our snorkeling lessons or our snorkeling tips for the best snorkeling experience.
  • Leer samen duiken

    Duiken leren op Bonaire doe je gezellig samen. Met z'n tweeen. Samen leren duiken in het mooiste klaslokaal van de hele wereld; Het Bonaire National Marine Park. Wanneer zouden jullie willen beginnen?
  • Gear & Gifts

    We have a wide variety of souvenirs from Bonaire and GOOODive at our souvenir shop.
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  • All day, everyday access to the one and only d.i.y. tank re-fill station on Bonaire at discounted rates.
  • Fast Lane check-in. No waiting and no paperwork hassle before your first dive of this trip.
  • 10% cash discount in our retail-shop during your first dive day of your trip.
  • FREE safety and functionality equipment check before your first dive done by a dive pro.
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