Top 3 beaches in Bonaire

Clear waters, blue hue, everything you would expect from a perfect Caribbean beach

What would make that picture-perfect even better? A place that feels like you’re the first one to set foot there. Bonaire’s beaches make you feel like you’ve discovered something untouched. Some sandy and blazing white, others rockier, but all with special traits that make Bonaire’s beaches a one of a kind experience. With a bunch of beaches to choose from, you’ll find your spot whether it’s a secluded snorkeler’s haven or a sandy white paradise.

Thousand Steps Beach

Outstanding blue shores and a view to add to your to-do list. Take your snorkel gear along, because you can’t miss the mesmerizing coral forest that awaits you at the end of the stairs. You may wonder… why it’s called a thousand steps? You’ll have to figure out by visiting this blissful off-the-grid beach yourself.

Te Amo Beach

For a local feel and ultimate relaxation, head over to this pearly beach with its accessible snorkeling right from the shore. Experience the beach in Bonaire, like the locals do and remember to bring a cooler and a barbeque. Keep it nice and clean and especially plastic-free; Bonaire prides itself on taking good care of its beaches and the environment.

Sorobon Beach

Glazing white beach, surfing for days and a large stretch of shallow water, which makes this beach excellent for small children. This laid-back windsurfers hideaway is an amazing way to sit back and enjoy endless ocean views and breezy beach lounging. When feeling adventurous you could even take a windsurfing class.

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