What to do when not diving?

Things to do in Bonaire

The Bonaire bucket list

Visit Bonaire and explore the island’s natural beauty. In addition to being a paradise for snorkelers and divers, this Caribbean island is a hub of tranquility and laid-back islandness. Head out and discover the many exciting activities Bonaire has to offer. Most activities are ocean related, but Bonaire is an excellent Caribbean holiday spot for hikers and nature seekers. Bonaire isn’t just for those carrying scuba tanks. There’s lots of fun to be had on the surface and the best part? Despite being a spectacular travel destination, Bonaire is still free of crowds. No elbow to elbow snorkeling in packed waters. Discover Bonaire and take a look at this 3-item Bonaire bucket list.

Top 3 beaches in Bonaire

Clear waters, blue hue, everything you would expect from a perfect Caribbean beach. What would make that picture-perfect even better? A place that feels like you’re the first one to set foot there. Bonaire’s beaches make you feel like you’ve discovered something untouched. Some sandy and blazing white, others rockier, but all with special traits that make Bonaire’s beaches a one of a kind experience. With a bunch of beaches to choose from, you’ll find your spot whether it’s a secluded snorkeler’s haven or a sandy white paradise.


For a tiny island, Bonaire has an incredibly varied culinary tradition. From locally inspired cuisine to fine Italian dining, there’s a good bite to be had by everyone. Dining for two, solo dining or family fun, Bonaire’s restaurant scene can accommodate a wide variety of wishes when it comes to eating out. For details about where to dine, take a look at our tips for dining.


From historical sites to flamingo spotting, it can be done in Bonaire. Visit Bonaire’s Washington Slagbaai National Park or discover the island’s beauty by kayaking through waters surrounded by mangroves. Are you more of a land-type? Hop on a bike and take a rugged bike tour or go off-roading. Bonaire’s natural habitat offers many ways for carefree enjoyment, like bird spotting. For the more adventurous wanderer, the island even has some caves to explore. While venturing off into Bonaire’s outback (also known as mondi in the local language Papiamento) you can indulge in some local fauna watching: wild donkeys are common and iguana spotting can be a fun way to track onto the dirt roads brimmed with cacti and bushes.

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