About GOOODive

GOOODive Bonaire's slogan:

Diving Fun For Everyone!

You’re about to get the most fun out of your diving adventure, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced diver. Our team creates a relaxed environment for you to safely explore the underwater beauty of diver’s paradise Bonaire.

We offer dive training to the absolute beginners and to divers that like to learn more. We offer complete dive-packages, equipment rentals, guided dives, snorkel trips and fun. Lot's of fun!

  • Packages

    Benefit from either of our All-in Dive-packages. Package A: Become Great Diving Buddies. Package B: Become the Best Buddy Team.
  • Pricelist

    Here you can find a complete list of all our products, services, rental gear, and all our dive training prices and rates.
  • Deals & Promotions

    Summer-time is here again. Summer-time brings Summer-Deals. Benefit from our weekend all-in $79,- rental deal, our family try diving deal or from one of our retail summer deals awaiting you in our shop.
  • 9 Points of Culture

    6/ Education. "I learn from my mistakes. I consistently learn and grow so that I can help my fellow team members to learn and grow too. I allow my colleagues to make their own intelligent decisions about their future remembering that it is their future."
  • Medical Statement, Liability & Privacy notice

    Please take note of our medical statement and liability forms here. Please complete and send them before diving with us to benefit from priority lane check in.
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