Our Team

Our Team

We love what we do and you can tell. Our team consists of dedicated professionals who love sharing knowledge and experiences with everyone who loves diving.

Our skilled team of experienced divers with a tremendous zest for diving on Bonaire and our excitement for the ocean that is what makes GOOODive stand out. We are eager to show you the fascinating underwater beauty of Bonaire, We are GOOODive and we make diving fun for everyone.

  • Menno de Bree

    Menno de Bree

    Owner at GOOODive Bonaire

    Menno came to Bonaire in the year 2000 to live the perfect life of a dive-instructor in divers paradise.
    After more than 16 years of having fun while helping divers of all levels reaching their diving goals, to guide them during fun-dives or to help them getting the best value out of their dive-trip, he now finds most pleasure in seeing the team of dive pro’s and dive enthusiasts that run GOOODive grow together and have fun pleasing the customers.

  • Esther


    ‘’Scuba diving is life changing. You move beyond what you think is scary into something that is beautiful’’.

    Esther was born and raised in the Netherlands. While traveling to Bonaire she decided to try out diving for something fun to experience with her friends while on vacation. She immediately fell in love with being underwater and the peacefulness of diving. She became a Dive Professional and enjoys passing on her passion for diving with her students. She especially loves night diving and Coral Restorarion. She is an amazing guide, very patient, knowledgeable and love to interact with all the creatures underwater.

    Languages Spanish, English and mother tongue Dutch.

  • Gemma


    ‘’After diving it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere and that means time for a cold Polar beer!’’

    Gemma was born and raised in the Netherlands and an instructor since 2011 and is since begin 2018 operational manager at GOOODive. Diving and teaching are her absolute passion and over the years she have done over 4000 dives and trained a lot of divers from Discover Scuba Diver up to Divemasters. ‘’After diving and travelling all over the world, you should come to see why I have decided to call Bonaire’s beautiful waters my home for now!’’

    Languages English, German and mother tongue Dutch.

  • Bobby


    ‘’I always hope that my students can learn as much from me, as I do from them!’’

    Bobby was born and raised in the Netherlands. Somewhere in late January of 2015, he started his Open Water Course in the jungle of Borneo. After encountering Nemo, he knew he wanted to do this more often. After travelling and diving around South-East Asia, Australia en New Zealand, it was time to settle down on one of the most unique spots in the world to dive and live, Bonaire. Teaching and diving are his hobby and passion. While being a dive instructor at GOOODive, he find it important that all his students get the right amount of time and attention and can dive along besides him.

    Languages English and mother tongue Dutch.

  • Victor


    Victor was born and raised in Bonaire and started is first dive in 2013 here on Bonaire. His first dive was in a pool and he became curious to find out what diving was like in the waters of Bonaire. After his first dive in the Bonairean water, it became his passion right away. He likes the relaxed feeling he gets when diving. At this moment, Victor has his Open Water, Advanced and Rescue certificates and is nowhere near ready. Becoming a Dive Master is the next goal that he wants to achieve. This year, Victor started working At GOOODive where he can be found often outside helping out customers with preparing their gear and tanks.

    Languages English, Spanish and mother tongue Papiamentu.

  • Kylie


    “For me, diving is the immersion into a different and fascinating world while feeling totally at peace.”

    Kylie was born and raised in Chicago. While on vacation in Hawaii she took a Discover Scuba Diving session and immediately fell in love with the sport. Kylie studied marine biology at Texas A & M University at Galverston where she continued her scuba career. After graduating Kylie travelled to Tenerife and completed her instructor training. A few years later Kylie decided to move to Bonaire for the opportunity to work full time as a dive instructor on a beautiful Caribbean island.

    Languages Spanish and mother tongue English.

  • Iris


    Iris was born and raised in the Netherlands. She sought for adventure in the Netherlands but did not find it, so she ended up in Bonaire last August. The climate, people and the underwater world is what inspired Iris to look for her adventure in Bonaire. Despite being new to the dive industry, Iris is curious to find out what Bonaire’s magical marine-life has to offer. At GOOODive, she is working on the marketing and communication as well as the website. Being creative and creating content is what makes Iris happy. 

    Languages English and mother tongue Dutch.

  • Sanne


    “Diving is the best way to relax. I love the peace and quiet of diving while being able to see so many beautiful things.”

    Sanne grew up in the Netherlands but always dreamed of working abroad. She learnt to dive because she was intrigued to discover what happens in the underwater world. While backpacking she learnt to dive and in September 2017 she came to Bonaire to become a dive master. Sanne loves the small island and sunny weather, her favorite dive site is ‘The Lake’ as it feels to her like a beautiful park just under the water.

    Languages English and mother tongue Dutch.

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