Become Great Diving Buddies.

Many wannabe divers travel to Bonaire to benefit from the great learning how to dive circumstances the island is famous for. All year round the diving conditions are near perfect so many future buddy-teams travel to Bonaire to learn diving in those ideal circumstances. Our learn how to dive philosophy is just as simple as it is brilliant: The more dive training you do - the better you learn diving. Especially for those that want to learn together how to become great diving buddies, we have created an all-in learn diving package, named Become great dive-buddies. You dive together, multiple times per day for 2 weeks with your instructor. It is all about you these 2 weeks!

Package A: Learn Diving Package; ‘Become great dive-buddies’

During all the dives included in this package, you will accomplish the following certifications; PADI Open Water Diver AND PADI Advanced Open Water Diver.

What does this package include?;

  • 20 private Open Water Dives with your instructor AND all the open water dives you like to do together.
  • Full Tanks. All full tanks you need during all those great dives. 
  • Equipment. All the equipment you need for 2 weeks of diving is included.
  • Course manuals for each PADI course.
  • Certification paperwork after completion of each course
  • Entrance fee for the Bonaire National Marine Park

Price per buddy pair $ 2750,-  You save $ 904,- when booking this all-inclusive package!

Not only is Bonaire the perfect destination for learning how to dive. It is also perfect to learn more while diving. For those that are already Open Water Diver certified, we have created a package that includes a lot of fun dives and a lot of fun learning to become a better diver in the buddy system.

Become the Best Buddy-Team

Package B: Learn Better Diving Package; ‘Become the best buddy-team’

During all the dives included in this package, you will accomplish the following PADI diver training; PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course, the PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy specialty, the PADI Nitrox specialty, and the PADI Rescue Diver Course including the EFR course.

What else does this package include?

  • 20 Private Training and Fun Dives with your instructor. 
  • All the full tanks you need for those 20 dives AND all the tanks you like to use for your own shore diving.
  • Course manuals for each and every PADI course
  • Certification paperwork after completion of each course
  • Entrance for the Bonaire National Marine Park

Price per buddy pair $ 2150,-  You save $ 664,- when booking this all-inclusive package!

*Upgrade your package and include all needed rental equipment per buddy pair for the full 2 weeks for only $ 690,-

NOTE: These packages can be booked for any two weeks between April 27 and September 28, 2019.


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