How it is to work in one of the top 10 diving spots in the world

How it is to work in one of the top 10 diving spots in the world

In this blog, our dive instructor Bobby will tell you how it is to work in one of the top 10 diving spots in the world!

Coming to Bonaire was not a difficult decision as I already knew that Bonaire has some of the worlds best fringing and double reef systems in the world. On top of that, the dive- sites are accessible by shore. You can just drive around with a car, stop at one of the Yellow rocks along your road up North or down South and start your dives.

The reef systems down South create a double reef system. One of the shallow dives on this amazing double reef is without a doubt Angel City.
On this reef I often go diving with new divers on Bonaire or Open waters, who just stared exploring the underwater world. Angel City starts with a shallow sandy bottom and when you are diving towards the reef, you`ll go deeper down over the reef. In the middle of the two reef systems there is a 18m sandy stroke where sometimes Eagle rays and Green moray eels are passing through. Behind the sandy stroke, there is the second reef where you can find a great number of Black Durgons.

Across the street at our shop, you can already find one of the most unique reef systems in Bonaire, Something Special. Something Special has something really special like finding yourself a frogfish or a big school of Scads. Something Special will definitely surprise you.

Teaching courses in a confined section in the ocean, is great for students as well for instructors.
The direct contact with the ocean and fishes makes it a relaxing experience for the student.  
The build- up to become an open water certified diver is always exciting for the student and instructor.
The confined sessions are done, open- water 1-3 are finished. As an instructor you look at your student on their last dive and think YEAAAH, we did it again!!
It is super exciting as an instructor, when you see that your student is managing perfect buoyancy, flies through the water and points out some interesting fishes and has even underwater the biggest smile you can imagine. 


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