How to choose a dive mask

How to choose a dive mask

Many people have the incorrect size or shape mask that doesn’t agree with their face. Every face is different and not every mask will fit you correctly. There are many masks in different sizes, shapes, colors and glass configurations. Does your mask actually fit your face? Which one should you buy with such a big variety to choose from? We will help you to make a great choice.

First of all, putting on a mask, pushing it against your face and breathing in through your nose will make any mask fit as you are creating a vacuum. This test doesn’t mean that the mask is right for you.

So, how should you do it? We believe in the 3-step test:

  • Step 1:

Put the mask lightly on your face and take a look at the inner skirt/seal of the mask.
This part should touch your face on every point. If this leaves a gap next to your eyes or on the bottom next to your nose, this is not the mask for you. Sometimes even the slightest opening will make your mask leak from these points. If it does connect to your face, you are ready for step 2!

  • Step 2:

This is the point where you really lightly breath in through your nose. The mask should stick to your face easily. When it does, pucker up and check if you have the same result. Make sure there is no hair between the mask and your face. If you can keep breathing, there is a gap and you should try another mask. If not, let’s take a look at step 3!

  • Step 3:

Move your mask around and press it lightly against your face. 
You shouldn’t feel any pressure or pain between your eyebrows or on your nose and the mask should not create gaps from “having your regulator in”. Just imagine going down and the water pressure starts pressing on your mask, have this for an hour and you’ll come up after your dive with pain from these pressure points.

Past all these steps? Then there is a very good chance that this is the mask for you. Still not sure about it? Here at GOOODive we give you, not only a personable approach by trying the masks on, but also the service to try your preferred mask before buying it! No better way than to just dive in and give it a try!


Every mask in our collection is available in the “try before buy” program.



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