Mask fog

Mask fog

It starts in the corner of your vision and slowly creeps its way across your line of sight. You go from seeing everything in detail down to just seeing the inside of your mask. You, like many others out there diving are officially a victim of mask fog!

Great News! There are many ways you can solve this annoying problem besides the trash can or hanging up your equipment and hitting the beach. It is important to understand that this is a normal reaction between your mask and your face. In all your excitement to dive your face is very warm and the water your mask touches throughout your dive is cooler. Your face actually heats up the air space inside your mask which essentially creates a windshield effect: warm car + cold outside = fog on your inner windshield. You need to prepare your mask before diving to make sure mask fog does not happen to you again, and fingers crossed, ever again.

First things first, if you have just purchased a new mask, or are diving with a relatively new mask, you need to take the time to remove/clean off the thin layer of silicone on the inside of the lenses put there thru the manufacturing process. This can take a few times to truly clean off and will be removed using step 1 and 2 below.

Here are a few suggestions we have found that will help you to solve your mask fog issues:

1) Give it a good clean with a soft scrub soap

2) Ask a dive professional to “burn” it. Sounds dodgy but it helps a lot and quickly removes the thin layer of silicon

3) Purchase a bottle of defog and apply this before each dive allowing 1 – 2 minutes for the chemical to adhere and create a barrier on your mask to stop the fogging effect

4) Keep your face cool if you are in a hot environment or under direct sunlight. Before you descend underwater for your dive, submerge your face for a bit in water to help your face literally cool down

So rather than saying “What the fog!”- take the time to fix the issue and have fun instead! We wish you a future of clear masks and amazing dives.

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