One day guide to Bonaire

One day guide to Bonaire

A day guide for Bonaire

You’ve got 1 day for a getaway to Bonaire. Wondering what to do? In this quick guide, we’ll show you how to do Bonaire in a day, adventure and relaxation guaranteed!

How to get around Bonaire

The island is small, yes, but you’ll still need wheels to get around. Not to worry! Bonaire is bike friendly, but beware of the glaring sun, so don’t forget to wear shades and a hat. Want to amp up your speed? Hop on a scooter, to be rented anywhere. Or go glam and rent a car when you land at Bonaire’s International Flamingo Airport. The most laidback airport you’ve ever been to by the way.

Harborside relaxing

Enjoy a harborside coffee and a croissant at one of the cafés along Kralendijk’s boulevard. If you ask us, it’s the best way to fuel up before you start a day of beach hopping. Watch the sailboats come and go and have a drink while pelicans entertain you with acrobatic moves.

Beaches galore: Let the wandering begin

In an adventurous mood? Venture into an off-gridding mode and go snorkeling at Thousand Steps Beach. A magical coral reef with colorful fish awaits you at the end of the stairs of this beautifully located beach. Bring your own drinks (plastic-free please) for refreshment after your snorkeling adventure. You can also sign up for a snorkel-trip where your guide will take you to the best and most beautiful snorkel spots the island has to offer. When beach time’s over, head over to the quaint little town of Rincon for some local food before heading back for a pre-dinner siesta.

Feel like an underwater adventure?

You can sign up for a try-out dive called Discover Scuba Diving if you are not yet a certified diver. You can explore the underwater world at the side of an experienced dive instructor. No experience is needed, all you need is to bring a towel. Are you a certified diver and want to experience something you have never experienced before? Sign up for Reef Renewal introduction dive. Learn how to grow corals in our coral nursery and be part of rebuilding a reef, one piece of coral at the time.

Sunset Happy Hour

Bonaire houses many beach-bars and restaurants that offer tropical cocktails at special pricing during sunset happy hours. Do not be shy and ask our dive staff where the best happy hours are during your fun day out with them. They know the spots with the best views and the best deals and only share that with their dive- and snorkel buddies.

Dinner delight

Whatever you feel like having, chances are that Bonaire’s got it. Italian? Check. Peruvian specialties? Have that too. Bonaire’s official Tourism Guide can help out or surf over to Trip Advisor to find your restaurant of choice. Bonaire’s laid back atmosphere allows for casual dining without the formality, but of the finest quality. Sunset dinner anyone?

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