Our Favorite Snorkel spots

Our Favorite Snorkel spots

Our favorite snorkeling spots

We can all agree that the Bonairean marine life is very diverse and simply stunning. There are so many fish species, corals and other sea creatures to see when being in the water. All of this cannot only be seen when diving but also during a snorkeling session. There are many spots on the Island that are perfect for snorkeling due to the easy entrances and shallow coral coverage. Here are some of our favorites.

1000 steps

The road to a 1000 steps is already a treasure for the eye. The scenic windy road creates many “awe” moments while you follow the coastline and its cliffy rock surfaces. If you make a stop to take a closer look at the rocky surface you will see the history of the island. If you look closely you will be able to see that the rock wall is build up out of old coral, as the island of Bonaire is an ancient coral reef that got lifted out of the ocean. But enough about the road! Snorkeling at a thousand steps is amazing. The most amazing thing about a thousand steps in our opinion is that there are lots of corals to be seen in the shallows and even though the reef is quite popular, it is also still quite pristine!
When you get to a 1000 steps (don’t worry it’s not actually a thousand) the entrance can be  a bit tricky, we highly recommend wearing boots as walking over coral rubble is quite uncomfortable while you are barefoot. Another reason to wear boots are the sea urchins that can be found on many beaches of Bonaire. If you decide to go snorkeling at a thousand steps we highly recommend going in the afternoon, as there is a big chance to see turtles when snorkeling.

Te Amo beach

A place which is popular for throwing barbeques and where you can find many locals, is Te Amo beach. You can find the beach near the airport and has an easier entry to go into the water in comparison to 1000 steps. Although a part of this beach is a nice sandy beach, boots are still recommended for your own safety. This spot is the not only the perfect combination of many different fishes and corals. But it also a wonderful place to just combine snorkeling with relaxing on a Beach towel! 
If all the snorkeling got you hungry, there are two food-trucks in this area which can provide you with a delicious lunch!

Klein Bonaire

Klein Bonaire is a small deserted island, which is part of our protected national park. People are allowed to visit just one side of the island, on a beach called no-name beach. A water taxi can take you to this beautiful white sand beach.
If you listen carefully to the crew on the water taxi they will explain to you that you can do a drift snorkel. When you follow the directions you will get to a yellow pole. When you get to this point you will see a small passage in the corals.
Going through this passage is well worth the walk as this will definitely amaze you. Instead of looking down on the coral, the coral will be right next to you. This is what divers call a drop off. And this gives you a good idea of what it feels like to be diving! From this point it is best to swim against the current for a while, so you can drift back to no-name beach afterwards! There is also a big chance to see the French Angelfish here, they are pretty curious and are known to come up close to peole and swim along with you! So don’t forget to bring your camera!

Wayaka II

Wayaka II can be found at Washington Slagbaai National Park, the bumpy road in the park is only suitable for pick-up trucks and 4-wheel drives, but it is well worth the drive. If you walk carefully down the stairs you will find a small scenic cliff beach with a sandy bottom. It’s a lot like the movies, so you might want to bring your camera!  If you do so, please note that the tide will make the beach disappear. So don’t leave your belongings on the beach! Once you are in the water, you will be overwhelmed by all the beauty this remote spot has to offer.

Ready to Snorkel?

Please make sure you are well protected from the sea urchins and the sun. We rent out and sell a range of snorkel equipment including boots and we also have a range of rash guards and other reef-safe sun protection in store!
If you are already a pro at snorkeling and you want to try something new we offer a range of snorkeling tours and lessons, for beginners and experienced snorkelers!
Getting bored while snorkeling? Perhaps it's time for a Discover Scuba Dive! 

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