Scuba review

Scuba review

Scuba Review, why would you?

Nowadays we update or upgrade everything, so why not our Scuba diving skills? Scuba diving is an extreme sport, with skills that are a bit rusty or out of date this could make your scuba diving less enjoyable.  Being ‘up to date’ only cost you a few hours, no reason not to do it!

There are many names for the ‘update’ course, like: Scuba Review, Scuba Tune-up, ReActivate and Refresher course. They all come down to the same thing; refreshing your knowledge and skills in and out of the water. Obviously you can spent the first few days of your holiday struggling with your set up, buoyancy, trim and communication, but why would you? We have no doubt that you will be able to do it on your own but the scary part is that if you’ve been struggling with common things like set up and buoyancy, what would happen in an emergency? You won’t get time to practice or a second chance.

There are some great advantages of doing a Scuba Review with a Dive professional. First of all, you go over some theory to refresh your knowledge, some general rules and the latest updates. There is no exam, we just like to know how much you remember from your courses and dive experience. After the theory you will spend some time setting up your equipment and go over your checks. The PADI ReActivate (Scuba Review) is much more tailor made then in the past. We will do the most common skills, what to do in an emergency and on top of that the skills you’ve had issues with. Once you’ve been ‘updated’ we go for a dive.

When should you do this course?

PADI recommend doing a Scuba Review after 6 months of inactivity and we couldn’t agree more. Do you remember the details of things you’ve done 6 months ago? Or a year? You either know it or you don’t. Don’t take the risk and sign up for your ‘update’!

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