Something Special

Something Special

Welcome to our house reef, Something Special! Just across the road from our well equipped dive center we have our beautiful house reef. From Queen Angelfish, Bar Jacks and Sharp tail eels to Frogfish, Seahorses and Banded Coral Shrimps. Something Special doesn’t get its name from all the good sea life that you can find down there but from a very ‘special’ moment two people had down there in front of a webcam…. The webcam is disconnected, you can guess why.

As Marine Park Bonaire requires you to do your very first dive on a house reef, why not Something Special? There is an ease entry, easy exit and a nice sandy area to review some skills and get your buoyancy and trim right. When you’re all comfortable and ready, go and explore the beautiful reef with its amazing life! Consider taking a guide with you so you don’t have to miss all the good things down there!

Night dive

Love to do night dives? Something Special will reveal it’s beauty during the day and during the night! You can see Lobsters, Octopuses and Crabs during dusk and night time. Not sure about a dive in the dark? You can always take a guide with you or plan your Night Adventure Dive! We would love to show you all the good things Something Special has to offer!

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