FAQ - Diving

The diving is great all year-round. The diving differs a little during each season; During Winter (Jan/Mar) the water temperature is “down” to 76f (26c) but the visibility typically is the best and can go beyond 100ft (30m). Winter is considered high-season which means the island is a little busier.
In our opinion the spring offers the best value for money experience; During Spring the water slowly warms up to 80f (27c) and the island occupancy goes down. No cruise ships will dock anymore. May & June tend to be the slow months which some prefer to come to the island and as it brings them the best island experience and value for money. Summertime does not bring any changes to the temperature. During summer there will be more families vacationing on the island and your flights may be a little pricier. September is a great month to come to Bonaire due to the fact that is tends to be very quiet. Most airlines and hotels offer great deals this month. Fall might bring some rainy days, it may bring an occasional wind-reversal caused by a passing hurricane. The water warms up all the way till 84F (29c) or a little higher. The visibility however tends to be the least with an average of 60ft (18m). Great time to witness coral spawning!

No we do not. In our opinion boat diving does not add anything except a few dive sites that cannot be reached from shore. It add tight schedules and creates larger groups. Not really our thing.

Yes, we do. We offer guided shore dives tailored to your needs. We set up guided shore dives adjusted to your level of experience and to the exact wishes and needs you and your buddy have. Indeed, we only take out buddy-pairs only, so no more than 2 divers. Of course do we also offer guided shore dives to divers that do not travel with a buddy. We can set up guided dives as private dives, just you and your guide, and we can set up (small) group dives if private dives do not fit in your budget.

Nope. Two companies offer guided dives there. One by boat (east coast divers) and one from shore (bas diving).

No, there is not, but, diving you do together and the best way to learn (more) diving is when you learn (more) about diving together. Our courses start whenever suits you and your buddy best when you sign up for the course together.
Our courses never have more then 2 students except when you specifically want us to offer the course to larger groups and families.
If you do not solo or if you do not have a diving buddy, we, of course, will be able to teach you (more) diving too. Every week we teach every course following a predetermined schedule and plan and we will be honored to have you joining in and teach you to become a (better) diver.

No, there is not. We offer our diving services to diving buddies (couples) and our trips will never have more divers joining than 2, except when you want us to. If you travel solo or do not have a buddy we can set up private diving services for you or you can join in on our scheduled trips if private trips do not match your budget.

Within walking distance, we have 3 different kinds of accommodations we recommend; BnBBonaire (website); StudioBonaire (Airbnb only) and Kas Hamaca (website).
Our personal favorite is a short drive away; Hotel Restaurant El Encanto in Belnem. (www.elencantobonaire.com)

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