Guided Dives and Trips

Diving Together

Sounds a little old, but, there are too many different wishes and needs when it comes to guided dives to list them all. For us, it is all about you having fun and we want you to get the most out of your guided dive(s) when diving Bonaire!
We know that you are a certified diver and certified divers do not need to have a guide when diving Bonaire. We know and we would be more than happy to set you up with diving by yourself.
We also know that having a guide will add a lot of peace of mind, will add convenience and a lot of fun.

Some of the benefits you will have when using one of our guides;

  • Diving unknown sites hand-picked for you to match your level of experience and dive skills while benefitting from dive site knowledge without having to worry about dive planning and navigation.
  • It is all about you and your buddy. We ensure a safe and fun and most of all a personalized experience. How do we do that? We only take out 2 divers, no more!
  • Island info between your dives. Our guides know the island and the history and are awaiting the possibility to share that with you.

Make the most of your diving experience in Bonaire and imagine what worry-free diving looks like. All you and your buddy have to do is look forward to the next amazing dive spot our guide will take you to.

Private Dives

If you are traveling solo and/ or want to benefit from a guide that offers you the types of dives and dive sites that matches your level of experience and expectations, do not wait too long and book a private guide.
Some benefits of booking a private guide;

  • You can pick the dive sites you want to dive.
  • You determine how long your dives will be (as long as we stay within the no-decompression limit)
  • You can set up dives in the morning, in the afternoon or all day long.


  • Renting a private guide or instructor is also THE way to go if you travel with a group of 3 divers or more and want to dive or learn diving with that group.

Your guide is your guide and no-one else will be joining in on your dives. It is all about you and your guide will be there to give you the best possible dive experience.

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