Learn to dive

Learn to Dive

Does the thought that you may run out of air and cannot breathe anymore when you go underwater for the very first time frighten you? Does it frighten you even more that think your instructor does not notice this in time because he is busy with others in your group?

The thought that you may run out of air is absolutely normal. You are not the only one that thinks about that. At GOOODive Bonaire we call this common sense. You go underwater and us humans are not made for that. Your brain is considering going into panicking mode because your brain does not know what is going on..... yet.
Relax. There is nothing to worry about. Your instructor is there to help you and he will show you how he will monitor your air supply and how you can monitor that yourself too.
Your instructor will also have his eyes on you the entire time, at least, if you do the learn diving course at GOOODive Bonaire.
How can we make sure your instructor can keep his eye’s on you and make you feel safe and secure while being underwater? That is quite simple; we do not offer our learn how to dive courses to groups if you do not want us to. Our learn how to dive courses have 2 students and no more. You learn diving together, together with your diving buddy, the person you want to learn how to dive with. 

Personal Attention

Offering learn how to dive courses has taught us one thing: Learning diving brings better results faster and is way more fun for both the students and the instructor if there are not more than 2 students attending that class.
Doing the learn how to dive course together with your future diving buddy has even more advantages for you;

  • You can start the learn how to dive course on the day that you want it to start.
  • The course flow can be adjusted to your pace of learning and comfort level.
  • You learn diving together with the person you will go diving later. You already know that person which gives you a sense of safety and comfort which has a positive effect on learning better and easier.

If this is how you want to learn diving, contact Charlotte at GOOODive and she will help you to make your reservations. We strongly recommend finalizing your reservations on time. We want to schedule your learn how to dive course according to your schedule and wishes, but can only do that while there is room in our agenda.

Did you try diving before?

If you never have tried scuba diving before we do not recommend to commit yourself to the full learn how to dive course. Try scuba diving first!
There is a program called Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) that will serve your needs best at this moment in time. Try scuba diving first and see if scuba diving is for you. Scuba Diving is not a cheap hobby so you better know for sure if you want to pick up this new hobby.
What can you expect when you sign up for a DSD?
A DSD takes 3 to 4 hours. You will have a short theoretical session with your instructor where he will tell you exactly what you will be doing and how you will be doing that. He will demonstrate the equipment you will be using and he will be informing you how your safety will be guaranteed and what to do when you feel discomfort. After this 45 minute dry session, you will be going into the water and get used to the equipment on the surface followed by playing around in the shallows. If you are comfortable, your instructor will take you to the reef to observe the reef and the fish life from close up.
Signing up in advance for your try diving experience has many advantages;

  • You can do the DSD on the moment of the day that suits you best (AM or PM)
  • Your DSD will only have 2 participants, you and your friend, spouse, brother, sister…..
  • The flow of the DSD will be adjusted to your pace of learning and comfort level.
  • You already know the person you will be diving with which gives you a sense of safety and comfort which has a positive effect on having even more fun.

Want to try diving first? Send an email to Charlotte and she will help you to set up your DSD according to your schedule.

Your Classroom

Bonaire’s waters can be best described as a scuba diver’s paradise. The coral reef and underwater life will astonish you. Maybe you’ve tried snorkeling before, and you may even have done a Discover Scuba Dive and now you feel you are ready to immerse yourself in the underwater fascinations of scuba diving.

Becoming a certified PADI Open Water Scuba diver opens up a new world, one of underwater beauty and adventurous fun. Signing up for the PADI Open Water Course at GOOODive guarantees you;

  • To learn diving from passionate instructors
  • To learn diving together. No more than 2 students in our classes.
  • To get all the attention, guidance and help to reach your diving goal
  • That you learn diving. The course does not stop until you are satisfied with the results. 

Protect the Reef

Diving fun for everyone

Our company slogan 'Diving Fun For Everyone' we take very seriously. It is important for us that everybody will have fun. You as a student diver and us as the professionals helping you to achieve your diving goal(s). Over the years we have learned that fun only comes in strong and will fun will last if we take safety first and learning second. We strongly believe that safety and learning will increase the fun if we put it where it belongs: before making fun.

Make your first diving experience a GOOOD one and take the first step to book your PADI Open Water Diver Course with GOOODive Bonaire today.

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